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Gwyneth Wilbur, LUTHIER

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Made in 2007, this violin is a copy of a Guarnerius Del Gesu - 1733

Sold to David Norris of Toronto, Ontario.

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Made in 2007, this violin (above) is a copy of a Guarnerius Del Gesu - 1733

Nicely flamed one piece back.
Highly Flamed Maple
Wood is from Italy

Body length is 353mm
Upper bouts are 28mm high
Middle bouts are 29mm high
Lower bouts are 30mm high

Varnish is a spirit varnish.
Color is medium brown with gold flecks.

Made in 2007

"When I first started playing my new Gwyneth Wilbur violin, I hit a range of notes where the instrument truly sang and I said to myself, 'Ah, now there's the sweet spot,' I began to notice that every time I'd pick it up, I'd say the same thing about a different range of notes, until I realized that the whole instrument consists of on great big sweet spot. What a beautiful fiddle!"

~David Norris, Toronto, ON

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