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Gwyneth Wilbur, LUTHIER

Out of the woods
Published Saturday November 22nd, 2008
Story by Kate Wallace

Luthier Gwyneth Wilbur spent much of the last year crafting a violin from wood gathered around her Elmsville stomping ground. The result, the Charlotte County Violin, is a gorgeous construction of St. Stephen spruce, Bayside hornbeam and cherry and poplar from the 175-acre woodlot she calls home. [READ THE FULL ARTICLE]

"When I first started playing my new Gwyneth Wilbur violin, I hit a range of notes where the instrument truly sang and I said to myself, 'Ah, now there's the sweet spot,' I began to notice that every time I'd pick it up, I'd say the same thing about a different range of notes, until I realized that the whole instrument consists of on great big sweet spot. What a beautiful fiddle!"

~David Norris, Toronto, ON

"It is with great pleasure and assurance that I recommend to you Gwyneth Wilbur, luthier, for any repair and/or set-up work you may require. Rest assured that this work will be done with the utmost professionalism."

~Pierre Charette, luthier - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"I have been playing fiddle music for over seventeen years, and am very impressed with the quality of Gwyneth's violins. Most violins have a tonal 'dead spot'; sometimes in first position, sometimes in third, but my Wilbur violin does not have one anywhere. It is extremely crisp and clear on the A and E string while maintaining a beautiful rich and mellow tone on the D and G. I have owned several violins over my musical career, but none have equaled Gwyneth's superior craftsmanship."

~Tom Wilkinson, Vermont, USA [1997 Vermont State Old Time Fiddle Champion]

"I would just like to say your violins look very beautiful. Thank you!"

~Jason Duguay Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

"Very satisfied with my Gwyneth Violin, I really enjoy my practising sessions now."

~Monique Comeau Petit Rocher, New Brunswick, Canada

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